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A few days after we published The Dvorak zine, was featured on the technology site and tens of thousands of people from around the world read our zine. It was only when emails started pouring in from all over the world that we realized how America-centric our zine was! (Sadly, a common problem for Americans). Obviously, each language uses letters in different frequencies, and many of them have letters we don't even use!

While the American version of Dvorak might not work for all languages, the IDEAS behind the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout can be applied to any keyboard design. On this page you'll find links to resources for other language variations of Dvorak.

The World

Marcos's International Page:

Our friend Marcos Cruz set up this AMAZING page with dozens and dozens of international resources for tons of Dvorak variations.



This international Dvorak page has resources and drivers for SPANISH, GERMAN, DUTCH, NORWEGIAN, SWEDISH and ESPERANTO! (thanks to Pupeno for the link!)

Country Specific Resources:

Here are some other sites that people have sent us about language-specific Dvorak variations.


Link sent in by Whyking! Linux only (I think? My German is rusty!) Also make sure to check out the German Dvorak Wikipedia article which has a lot of useful advice and information. (Thanks Hermann!)


Link sent in by Jeffery and Pascal!  Has drivers for Windows, MacOS 9 & X, linux and FreeBSD. EXTENSIVE!!!


For X-windows, link sent in by Andreas


This awesome site was brought to our attention by Ari for a Brazilian Portuguese version of Dvorak!


Link sent in by Brett for all you New Zealanders!


Magnus's website about Svorak, a Swedish version of Dvorak! Also: Miikka writes in to say that some Swedish typists might prefer Arkku-Dvorak


Drivers and instructions for almost all operating systems!