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Dvorak Promotional Flyers

Each year on May 21st, we celebrate the day Dr. Dvorak turned in his patent for the Dvorak Simplified Keyboard Layout. We call it DVORAK DAY! and on that day we try to actively get out and tell NEW people about Dvorak. For the first Dvorak Day, we developed a series of small flyers to be handed out.

The file is a two-page PDF, which can be printed double-sided (if you don't know how to print double-sided, read this) and then you cut out the flyers on the dotted lines. Help us spread the word about Dvorak!

Please choose one of our mirrors at random to download the flyers (listed to the right here:)

Dvorak Flyer Back

Dvorak Zine Desktop Images

We have found that one of the best ways to learn Dvorak is to set the keymap as your desktop image. That way you can quickly and easily locate that hard-to-remember key without having to look down at your fingers and that awful QWERTY keyboard!

Choose one of our simple Dvorak Zine desktop images, linked to the right here:

You can also print out this one-page PDF Dvorak key map from the back page of the zine, which can be folded in half and set next to your computer like a tent!

WINDOWS USERS - You can also download John's awesome Dvorak Widget which displays the Dvorak layout on your computer screen!

Desktop Background

The Dvorak Zine Desktop Image!

Other Downloads