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PDF Edition

The PDF Edition of The Dvorak Zine is meant for reading on a computer screen, a PDA or an e-book device. It was created so that people who had trouble reading the Web Comic Edition could zoom-in to a higher resolution.

The PDF Edition also allows people to distribute the zine electronically as one compact file. If you do redistribute the file (via the internet, local network or CD-R) please make sure you are operating within the copyright restrictions of our Creative Commons Atribution-NonComercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License, namely that you must give us credit for creating the zine, you cannot charge any money for it and you must share it under the same terms.

Below is the 1.4 MB PDF Edition of The Dvorak Zine. Because of bandwidth concerns it is being hosted externally by some of our fellow Dvorak supporters!

Please choose one of these mirrors at random:

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