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Now you can learn Dvorak without even leaving our site! Dan Wood let us put his A Basic Course in Dvorak exercises into a flash interface. Just selet which type of keyboard you are typing on (Dvorak or QWERTY) and then selet your lesson by row (Home Row first, Top Row second, Bottom Row last). Start learning Dvorak today! Converter

Try out our new Flash-based Dvorak Converter! It's great for all those times when you are trapped at a QWERTY computer with restricted access to the keyboard settings!

FREE Online Typing Tutors!

  • ABCD: A Basic Course in Dvorak - Dan set up a simple online course to help you learn where all the keys are on the Dvorak Keyboard. (Alec, Frunch and GCB all used this site to learn Dvorak!!!)
  • - Juerd's AWESOME, free Dvorak typing tutor is web-based, and it works on Dvorak or QWERTY keyboards. It's available in English, Esperanto, Nederlands and Deutsch!
  • Power Typing - A Flash-based online typing tutor for Dvorak. Includes typing games!!!
  • DvorakNG - A free, open-source typing tutor for Linux.
  • TypeFaster - A free, windows-based typing tutor which supports Dvorak.
  • KeyBR - This one came highly recommended from a few different DV users!

Offline Typing Tutor Applications

If you would rather pay to install an actual application on your computer that might be a little more polished or interactive there are also a bunch of options for download and/or purchase which can help you learn Dvorak: